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Kevin & Caslin Bridal Selects

Benjamin & Vermillion’s Wedding Day Selects
October 27, 2014, 3:04 pm
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Benjamin n Vermillion’s wedding was colourful, full of laughter and at times crazy! 

They met while working in China. Vermillion loved the different outfits of the different tribes, so they decided to bring the vibrancy and colours of 民族风 into their wedding celebrations. The entourage were dressed in traditional chinese tribal outfits and the colours were really amazing.

Benjamin and his gang were really sporting. He prepared ang paos for the sisters which contained forfeits that “volunteered” his brothers like shaving off their hair from their legs, doing a dance etc. 

The food that was prepared for the games was delicious according to the groomsmen. The sisters spent time preparing and cooking the individual “sour, sweet, bitter and spicy” dishes. They even used a certain famous gourmet duck flown in from China!

One highlight from the games was having a brother belt out a scene from a traditional Teochew opera, complete with makeup. That made everyone laugh so hard!

The evening dinner was held at Mandarin Oriental and the theme was of course, oriental! Many guests kept to the theme and came in beautiful oriental inspired outfits. 

The entourage, dressed in their colourful outfits danced in for the second march in. They even dragged the couple’s parents to dance along with them. That certainly liven up the mood!

Benjamin sang a song for Vermillion with his dad playing the ukelele. 

The evening ended with many drinks, and as their slogan was for the day, “One in a Vermillion!”

By Ginosko

Paul & Nicole Wedding Day Selects
October 15, 2014, 4:59 pm
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Remember the couple who hired the Old Chang Kee truck for their church wedding reception? Here’s some images from their wedding! =) Congrats again Paul and Nicole!

James & Celine’s Wedding Day Selects
September 19, 2014, 1:05 pm
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Joyous. Full of hugs. Relaxed. Laughter. Smiles.

We had all of these and much more at James and Celine’s wedding.

Right from the start when I arrived at Celine’s room, I could feel the relaxed and joyful mood. Celine’s twin sister and mum were like her best friends, talking about fashion, people and everything. I had lots to laugh about while photographing them. James was the more nervous one, yet still full of smiles.

The holy matrimony was held at Church of St Mary of the Angels. All of Celine’s aunties from all over the world came with fascinators and they looked radiant! Celine’s parents walked her down the aisle and handed Celine to James. The light and space in the church was awesome.

Lunch reception was held at Flutes at The National Museum of Singapore. Again, the restaurant was bathed in wonderful daylight. It was really an afternoon filled with laughter and everyone was enjoying everyone’s company. The food was good and the speeches even better.

Congratulations again James and Celine and thanks for having me!


by Terry


Han Boon & Amanda Bali Selects

Congratulations Han Boon and Amanda who got married last weekend! Here are some selects from their Bali shoot we did earlier.


E Hunt & Jacinta’s Wedding Day Selects
August 29, 2014, 4:28 pm
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It is always nice to shoot a wedding with a first look session where the couple spend a little time with each other before the ceremony.

E Hunt and Jacinta started their wedding day with a moment to themselves. They shared a simple and sweet first look session at Shangri La. E Hunt was pretty nervous while he waited for Jacinta to arrive, but all smiles when he saw his beautiful bride.

The ceremony was held at the lawn at Alkaff mansion. Family members from both sides helped with the entire setup and decoration which was made by the bride herself. E Hunt’s dad presided the ceremony where they exchanged their vows and rings.

Being die hard lego fans, E Hunt had a lego figurine corsage and their rings were set on a Lego inspired ring holder. They also presented each guest at the dinner with individual lego figurines.

The highlight of the dinner was when E Hunt sang a song, All of Me by John Legend for Jacinta. And E Hunt could really sing! Jacinta was moved to tears and all the guests were visibly touched. According to E Hunt’s speech afterwards, he took half a year to practice the song. He would sing to it in his car everyday after he dropped Jacinta to work. =)

By Terry and Ginosko


Aaron & Cheryl Bridal Selects


A crazy shoot filled with laughter. Totally in love with it!



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