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Kok Yew & Hazel live on the same block, just two levels apart and have been acquainted since they were in school. Their moms were friends even before they knew each other!

We had an interesting time with them during their pre-wedding session. Almost like playing “Where’s Wally?” , we went across their block and tried to spot them in their bedroom/kitchen, and also pictured them simply having fun at their void deck – a place where many precious memories were created.

Alwyn & Rachael
March 19, 2014, 3:12 pm
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Alwyn proposed to Rachael in a very unique way. He prepared presents which he sent to Rachael’s office desk every single day for 25 days when it was around her birthday. A present each day that signified memories of their courtship. On Rachael’s birthday, Alwyn proposed.

The couple chose to have their solemnization on a weekday, because the date is an exact 11 years they have been an item.

It was a beautiful morning ceremony held at the Raffles Hotel Lawn. Close friends and relatives were present to hear their exchange of vows to each other, which they wrote themselves.

Kiat & Jie
March 12, 2014, 6:30 pm
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Kiat n Jie‘s wedding was fun to document!

In the morning, all the sisters were helping one another with their hair, even the bride Jie wasn’t spared!
The band of brothers came in their Hwa Chong uniforms for the gatecrash and the games they had to go through were haliarious! In one of the games, they had to use pizza boxes to “fan” eggs into a specific zone which made everyone laugh. They also had to do Yoga poses with eggs placed in strategic places where they were supposed not to break them.
A lovely evening exchange of vows ceremony was held at Raffles Hotel. The colours they chose to decorate the wedding was yellow and gray which I thought was really nice. An intimate dinner reception followed which had plenty of drinks and also a close sister who sang a rap, complete with a hoodie outfit!

Darryl & PJ
March 10, 2014, 6:40 pm
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We shot both Peijuan and Darryl‘s pre-wedding shots and their wedding day itself.

On their wedding day, during the ROM, the sky looked rather gloomy and dark. Since both the ROM and the dinner were to be held outdoors at Fort Canning, we were praying that it would not rain! Lucky for us, the weather held up throughout the ROM and the wedding dinner.

The dinner featured a quartet that played throughout the night, and they played a very nice version of Canon in D. There was also an “open-mic” concept where the emcee walked around the venue with the mic and gave the guests an opportunity to voice out their congratulations to the couple.

The couple even had a surprise dance-in, which was requested by their friends. There was a party after the dinner, and it was a whole night of fun.
Enjoy the photos!

Andy & Jo
March 10, 2014, 6:39 pm
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This must have been the wedding with the most epic gatecrashing games being played in 2013.

Andy and Jo‘s wedding had, what I’d think to be one of the the most garang sets of groomsmen, and the most innovative group of bridesmaids.

The variety of gatecrashing games are rather saturated at weddings but the ones at Andy n Jo’s really wow-ed us! Thankfully, as tough as the games were, everything was held under an air-conditioned environment within the Singapore Mandarin Oriental’s wedding suite. It’s something that everyone was happy to have on that super hot day.

Jo’s from Hong Kong, studied in the UK and works in Singapore. With such a well pinned map that Jo grew up in, she’d many guests who flew in specially for this day too. I love to visit Hong Kong, and it was so nice and somehow comforting to hear the bridesmaids, family members all speaking Cantonese throughout the day!

It was such a lovely wedding to be part of :)
Hope you’ll enjoy these images as much as I do!

Joey & Dilys

This must have been one of the most comfortable and relaxed shoots we’ve ever had.

Spending the day on Sentosa Island, in air-conditioned environments more than half the time, and even drinking on the job! — This was our ultimate experience with Joey n Dilys, on their pre-wedding shoot :)

Joey n Dilys, like what their shoot covered, are two individuals who really enjoy having a good time just chatting and chilling over their favourite beers. We had a really good time doing this shoot and are thankful for them who were willing to dirty the brand new sheets and jump into the pool for our shots. Thank you guys too for the awesome meal after wrap up! :)


Ivan & Getassha
February 26, 2014, 2:04 pm
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Ivan and Getassha‘s wedding was a reminiscent one, and gave us many flashbacks to our childhood!

The couple met in secondary school, and so Getassha’s bridesmaids planned the gatecrashing games around secondary school subjects. We must say Ivan and his groomsmen really tried very hard to score well in the bridesmaids’ books.

Pentecost Methodist Church, where the couple had their wedding service, was beautifully decorated with lots of hand-crafted decorations made by the bridesmaids. The bride, with help from one of her bridesmaids, sourced for some decor ideas on Pinterest, and then sent the links over to her bridesmaids who handled the rest. We were in awe of the whole turnout!

One of the coolest parts of the decoration was the church service booklets printed by the bridesmaids.The guests were given instructions as to how to fold a paper plane out of the service booklet, and as the couple walked down the aisle, the guests threw their paper planes as blessings. Too cute!

Getassha has a very sweet Dad, and it was the first time we ever witnessed a father who wouldn’t stop stealing glances at his daughter throughout the service. He earned himself many fans that day!

The beautiful decor items were featured as well in the Intercontinental Hotel, where the dinner reception was held. Getassha actually comes from a very traditional Peranakan family. Staying true to her roots, the couple specially sourced for small porcelain spoons to be given as wedding favours (which we were thankful to be gifted with too!)

Here are some pictures from #theIGwedding , hope you enjoy! :)


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