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Alwyn & Rachael WD selects
December 9, 2014, 6:07 pm
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“… But amidst all these changes, I’m glad to say that there is a constant. And this is the steadfast love and support that Alwyn and Rachael had shared together. ” Excerpt from the speech given by Alwyn’s best man.


Images by Ginosko


Lester & Telicia Wedding Day Selects
December 2, 2014, 7:16 pm
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From London, Munich and Singapore with love – Mike and Su Pei

We followed Mike and Su Pei from the bustling metropolis of London to the Bavarian capital of Munich, before heading back home to Singapore for their whirlwind engagement photo-shoot. It was a joy for both Ginos and me to photograph the both of them as Mike is a longtime close friend. It felt more like a holiday than a shoot! Blessed Union!

by Terry and Ginos

Jon & Shanty’s Wedding Day Selects

Jon and Shanty held a simplified Thali ceremony at Tamarind Hill at Labrador Park. Most of their family members and friends were decked out in beautiful colourful sarees. The family members took turns to speak words of blessings for the couple. Though I could not understand most of them as they were spoken in Tamil, I am sure it was very touching words as Jon was tearing at one point. It was really heartwarming to see heartfelt words being spoken at a wedding. I love to see emotions being shown at weddings.

Dinner was held at the same location after the civil ceremony. The couple specially flew in pretty porcelain cups from the UK and had their names written on them as gifts for their guests. Food and drinks were aplenty and great at the hands of the staff of Tamarind Hill. Everyone enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the wedding in the colonial setting.

by Terry

Michael & Kelly Bridal Selects

Here’s some more images from Michael and Kelly’s shoot. 

They got together while studying in the same secondary school. We went back to the playground where they spent countless hours chatting and dating. Even the provision shop’s auntie remembered their names! 

And of course, Michael got his shot of both of them playing soccer! 

Blessed marriage Michael n Kelly!

by Terry and Ginos


Aaron & Cheryl’s Wedding Day Selects
November 3, 2014, 4:19 pm
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A highly anticipated wedding we were looking forward to! The wedding of Aaron and Cheryl!

Aaron and his brothers were really sporting, doing everything from smashing eggs (some raw, a few cooked) on their heads, yoga poses, charades and donning tutus for a ballet dance. Aaron got lucky when the egg he smashed on his head was a cooked one but what he didn’t expect was to have to do it twice!

Of cos the famous Landy lent her apperance for the wedding! The whole entourage went on it for a cool shot.

It felt as though we were shooting friends for this wedding. Thanks Aaron and Cheryl for having us!

by Terry and Ginos


Michael & Kelly Bridal Selects

Kelly promised Michael she will shoot at the soccer pitch if Michael did something she wanted for the shoot as well. Michael agreed. Outfit switch!


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