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Wedding of Jeffrey & Xinying
July 19, 2017, 12:27 pm
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Jeffrey got married to Xinying on his birthday! Pleasant surprise from the good guys at Mandarin Oriental who gave the groom a surprise mini celebration before the dinner! =)

Heartfelt vows were exchanged between the lovely couple that left many in tears, including them. They surprised each other with a song too during their speeches!

May you be as sweet to each other always! Blessed wedding!



Wedding of Martin & Summer
July 19, 2017, 12:22 pm
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How cool is it when super heros attend your wedding? Thats what Martin and Summer had! Not just one, but many super heros were in attendance at their wedding held at W Sentosa!

I always love how Martin and Summer share their love for Batman and how Martin is “the Batman” in their relationship.

The wedding, naturally, was super hero theme! The brothers had corsages specially made, the car was decked out in bright yellow, red and blue, the ballroom was super hero comic themed and they even had super hero pens for their signing!

The fun aside, it was an emotional event to document with Martin, Summer and many guests tearing while they exchanged their vows and gave their speeches.

Martin, may you always be the Batman for Summer!


Baby Sushi

Announcing the birth of Satoshi and Shijie’s baby sushi! Little Masayoshi was just 8 days old when we did this shoot.


Wedding of Zhanwei & Su Ling
July 19, 2017, 12:12 pm
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I have only met Zhanwei and Su Ling once prior to their wedding but they made me felt like it was covering a friend’s wedding!

They were full of smiles for each other and everyone. Love the handwritten vows they wrote for each other.


Wedding of Reuben & Chuen
July 19, 2017, 12:08 pm
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Reuben is a guy with many interests. When we were chatting with him prior to his wedding, we were amazed with the many talents and interests he has. Chu’en is the perfect partner as she allows him all his hobbies and wants.

A lovely day spent capturing this amazing couple with many tender moments.01RnC_WD_1203-s102RnC_WD_1033-s03RnC_WD_1030-s04RnC_WD_1074-s05RnC_WD_1045-s06RnC_WD_1069-s07RnC_WD_3013-s08RnC_WD_1083-s09_0110RnC_WD_1120-s11RnC_WD_1123-s12RnC_WD_1332-s13RnC_WD_1341-s14RnC_WD_1347-s15RnC_WD_1364-s16RnC_WD_1377-s17RnC_WD_3045-s18RnC_WD_1157-s19RnC_WD_3047-s120RnC_WD_1167-s21RnC_WD_1176-s22RnC_WD_1191-s23RnC_WD_1192-s24RnC_WD_2608-s25RnC_WD_2636-s26RnC_WD_2654-s27RnC_WD_2675-s28RnC_WD_2676-s29RnC_WD_2686-s30RnC_WD_2693-s31RnC_WD_2698-s32RnC_WD_2702-s33RnC_WD_1238-s34RnC_WD_1270-s35RnC_WD_1313-s36RnC_WD_1441-s37RnC_WD_1495-s38RnC_WD_1529-s39RnC_WD_1657-s40RnC_WD_1687-s141RnC_WD_1693-s42RnC_WD_1773-s43RnC_WD_1752-s44RnC_WD_1771-s145RnC_WD_1774-s146RnC_WD_1788-s47RnC_WD_2016-s48RnC_WD_2035-s49RnC_WD_2060-s50RnC_WD_2081-s51RnC_WD_2042-s52RnC_WD_3228-s53RnC_WD_2094-s1

Awaiting the arrival of Baby J

Spent a beautiful morning photographing Jon and Charmaine a few weeks back. Baby Jared is out on 26th May! Congratulations J & C


Wedding of Nihal & Rebecca
July 19, 2017, 12:00 pm
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Nihal married Rebecca at Wesley Methodist Church and they had a lunch at Hilton Singapore.

The wedding was split over 2 days and it was great, allowing the family and friends a relaxed timeline.

Both Rebecca and Nihal were really chilled and had lots of beautiful smiles. Many tender moments shared too.

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