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Wedding of Reuben & Chuen
July 19, 2017, 12:08 pm
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Reuben is a guy with many interests. When we were chatting with him prior to his wedding, we were amazed with the many talents and interests he has. Chu’en is the perfect partner as she allows him all his hobbies and wants.

A lovely day spent capturing this amazing couple with many tender moments.01RnC_WD_1203-s102RnC_WD_1033-s03RnC_WD_1030-s04RnC_WD_1074-s05RnC_WD_1045-s06RnC_WD_1069-s07RnC_WD_3013-s08RnC_WD_1083-s09_0110RnC_WD_1120-s11RnC_WD_1123-s12RnC_WD_1332-s13RnC_WD_1341-s14RnC_WD_1347-s15RnC_WD_1364-s16RnC_WD_1377-s17RnC_WD_3045-s18RnC_WD_1157-s19RnC_WD_3047-s120RnC_WD_1167-s21RnC_WD_1176-s22RnC_WD_1191-s23RnC_WD_1192-s24RnC_WD_2608-s25RnC_WD_2636-s26RnC_WD_2654-s27RnC_WD_2675-s28RnC_WD_2676-s29RnC_WD_2686-s30RnC_WD_2693-s31RnC_WD_2698-s32RnC_WD_2702-s33RnC_WD_1238-s34RnC_WD_1270-s35RnC_WD_1313-s36RnC_WD_1441-s37RnC_WD_1495-s38RnC_WD_1529-s39RnC_WD_1657-s40RnC_WD_1687-s141RnC_WD_1693-s42RnC_WD_1773-s43RnC_WD_1752-s44RnC_WD_1771-s145RnC_WD_1774-s146RnC_WD_1788-s47RnC_WD_2016-s48RnC_WD_2035-s49RnC_WD_2060-s50RnC_WD_2081-s51RnC_WD_2042-s52RnC_WD_3228-s53RnC_WD_2094-s1

Awaiting the arrival of Baby J

Spent a beautiful morning photographing Jon and Charmaine a few weeks back. Baby Jared is out on 26th May! Congratulations J & C


Wedding of Nihal & Rebecca
July 19, 2017, 12:00 pm
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Nihal married Rebecca at Wesley Methodist Church and they had a lunch at Hilton Singapore.

The wedding was split over 2 days and it was great, allowing the family and friends a relaxed timeline.

Both Rebecca and Nihal were really chilled and had lots of beautiful smiles. Many tender moments shared too.

Nihal & Rebecca

Nihal and Rebecca are really comfortable with each other.

They first told us during our meeting that they are not really good in front of the camera, but on the shoot day, it was the total opposite! It felt like we were shooting friends and it was nice documenting them just enjoying each other’s company.


Wedding of Daniel & Wei Fen
July 19, 2017, 11:55 am
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Daniel and Wei Fen celebrated their wedding at the W hotel in Sentosa. Guests were treated to really good coffee and ice cream catered by the couple. Yumz! They chose to exchange their vows in front of everyone which is really heartwarming. Check out their dance too! First class! =)

Wishing both of you a lifetime of love!


Wedding of Wilson & Pearly
July 19, 2017, 11:51 am
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Pearly was all smiles getting ready at the suite. Wilson and his gang had to sing, dance and yoga their way through to Pearly, which brought laughter to all in the room. A day filled with many sweet and tender moments =)
Wishing you both a Blessed marriage, Wilson and Pearly!


NYC with Frank and Wan Chee

Frank and Wan Chee love New York City and all the food it has to offer. We had so many meals together during and off shoots! I had to give up my usual frozen dinners/instant noodles as there were days we had 2 lunches or dinners.

Thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and time spent with this lovely couple. Their eyes light up at the mention of Halal Guys or Peter Luger’s Steakhouse and Frank gets really serious when discussing what to eat next.

Here’s a sneak peek at some images!

And have many meals always, Frank and Wan Chee!


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