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The Return of the Choco-Hero
October 27, 2010, 6:30 pm
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Life was a bed of roses for Chocoman
He had our love and utmost protection and respect. 

We shielded him from the evil fingers of many who tried to pull his eyes, break his legs and poke his belly button.
We fed him visually with the best chocolate and made him the bling-est bow tie anyone could have.

All was good for Choco… until Junior came by.
Chocoman hasn’t been appearing much due to early retirement plans caused by depression.

Here we have some pictures from his appearance on Cheah Sheh & Patience’s wedding day – His most recent!
(We still forbid Junior from putting Chocoman into his mouth or under his paws in any way, so Chocoman! You’re still very dear to us okay) 

“How I wish life would STILL be a bed of roses. This yellow ribbon could help secure me in my temporary haven”

In a pool of dog toys 
“Dogs…dogs again! Pfft”

“Ooh things look bigger through this! Maybe it’d help me fight Giant Junior!”

“And I now pronounce you, husband and wife”

“I will be back!”


Where did Chocoman go?
August 3, 2010, 12:55 pm
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After making a few special appearances at various weddings/ events with us, Chocoman took a well deserved sabbatical in April, making a tour around Europe. He was very well received :)

He was also specially invited to Nespresso to get a taste of their newest flavours!

La Tour Eiffel!

“Nom nom nom, beans…!”

Yaw Wei & Brenda
June 17, 2010, 5:20 pm
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Yaw Wei & Brenda got married early this month :)
(Married in June in true teacher’s style – Brenda’s a teacher!)

The gate-crashing items were all planned out by Brenda and her friends from school. And lucky Yaw Wei didn’t have to eat or drink anything funny at all! All he had to do was to answer questions from every subject that the ladies there were in charge of. Oh yes, Yaw Wei has got to be the groom with the most funny expressions! You could just see from the pictures – and there were more!

Yaw Wei and Brenda held their solemnisation and dinner reception at the Grand Shanghai, beautiful set up attended by beautiful people :)

Away in Bali!
May 17, 2010, 4:31 am
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Hi everyone! :)

Here’s Terry, Ginosko, Gabriel & Yi Ting (and Chocoman) reporting to you live from Bali! We’d be spending the next few days over here having our company retreat and also a bridal session with our couple :)

We’d be back on Friday evening! Please pardon us if we do reply to your emails a tad late. We would try to access our emails as best as we can! :)

Till then, see you guys! :)

Jaron & Diana

We spent a day out on a pre-wedding shoot with a pair of teachers to be – Jaron & Diana :)

We had fun! Following them to places they love going to, doing things they like to do. There was scrapbooking where Diana picks almost something from every section along the aisle and Cathay Photo where Jaron goes mad shopping in :)

It was a first time for all of us at Cathay Photo!
For Cathay Photo to have a bridal couple taking shots in their outlet, for us in Cathay and for Jaron and Diana too :)

We also hung out with their new puppy, a very handsome Jax! Our dear Chocoman made new friends that day too!
Sunny twin and Reddish twin :) – Representative dolls of Jaron and Diana
One speaks and one listens – How sweet!

Sunny twin, Chocoman, Reddish twin
(Chocoman still can’t smile like they do!)

Andy & Jean
March 19, 2010, 8:21 pm
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Andy & Jean’s wedding day started really early on a lovely Saturday morning. Jean’s pet Pomeranian – Nono, was up extra early, her bridesmaids gathered to prepare for the sabo session, but who knew – the groom was even earlier! :P

Andy must have been too eager to fetch his bride, along with his band of brothers, they were ahead of schedule and arrived while Jean was still prepping up! So while Jean continued her preparations, Andy and his brothers faced the sisters! (Along Wasabi toothbrushes, Chili padi/ wasabi in Chili, etc) The groom and his brothers were very spontaneous! And about a good 40 minutes of games later, Andy got to meet his beautiful bride :)

Andy & Jean held their solemnisation and dinner reception at the Mandarin Court, Meritus Mandarin Singapore :)

Happy Chinese New Year! :)
February 19, 2010, 3:46 pm
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Here’s wishing everyone a super Happy New Year! :)