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At the core of oneeyeclick is its love and passion for capturing people and their memorable events. oneeyeclick firmly believes in getting to better understand their clients’ needs before embarking on any projects.

Founded in 2002 by Terry and his wife, Ginosko, oneeyeclick is now a team consisting of photographers, videographers and editors. Some of our corporate clients include NDP, Changi Airport, Oakley, Komoco Motors, KZ Designs, Singapore GP and DBS.

On the other end, oneeyeclick offers bridal photography services. oneeyeclick has covered weddings extensively both locally and overseas

Every single bridal shoot is conceptualised and tailored for the couple. Its not just about a beautiful sunset along a beach, but rather a series of images that fully represents the clients’ personalities. oneeyeclick believes that every couple is different and has their own set of stories to tell.

For the wedding day, the photographers take on a journalistic, non-interventionist approach that respects and conserves whatever emotions and details the joyous occasion inspires.



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