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Gabriel & Evangeline : The Kiss

Remember us mentioning the special couple we were shooting in Melbourne before our retreat? The couple that’s very very close to us?
That’s non other than our very own Gabriel & Evangeline!

We were so excited when we knew that Evangeline was going to join us during the retreat, and even more so that we were going to shoot them! :)
Days leading up to the flight/retreat/shoot was quite nerve-wrecking for us cos we felt for them what our couples felt! We were co-ordinating outfits with Gab & Evie, discussing what and where we were going to shoot etc.

What they had in mind was to have a uniformed kiss shot at some of the places that we intended to visit. We thought that was pretty cool! :)

Anyway, we are really thankful that we had great weather during Gab & Evie’s shoot, as well as on Lewis & Estelle’s shoot!
It was so much fun! With the whole team including baby Tereo! :)

Here are some sneaks that we have from the shoot, and we will be uploading more sneaks leading up to Gabriel & Evangeline’s big day! We can’t wait already! So so so happy for them! :)


June 23, 2011, 6:35 pm
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Tereo just turned a month old yesterday! (22 June 2011)
Here are some shots we’ve got from the little precious but very strong boy when we visited him at 2 weeks!

Thank You :)
May 28, 2011, 5:08 pm
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This week has been a week of receiving.

We welcomed our first baby, Tereo, on Sunday.
Received a lot of well wishes and visits from friends, couples, church mates, family
Witnessed many firsts from the little guy

And a whole lot of gifts and kind thoughts from clients.
Even those that we’ve met for the first time!
(Thank you RJ&Samantha, Ben&Mel, Terry&ShuHui, Daren&Yunzhen)

It’s overwhelming! Overwhelming but yet really exciting.
Happy kind of exciting

Thank you everyone for the kind wishes and the kind thoughts for our new family of three :)

– Terry, Ginosko and Tereo

Baby Tereo
May 23, 2011, 11:57 am
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Here’s Tereo :)

Born 22 May 2011 to Terry and Ginosko
On a beautiful Sunday morning

Ginos can finally feast on sweet stuff again!

The new family of three’s first visitors :)

Oh yup, Chocoman visited too!
As usual, self invited but this time, pleasantly surprised :)

Happy birthday Tereo! We love you!
Thank you God for the amazing delivery :)