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Luca is 2!
March 9, 2018, 12:38 pm
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Had an awesome time at Luca’s birthday! Luca is super cute! All the other kids too! =) Check out the cake, which was baked by Mao Melissa Chan, who is Marisa’s cousin!. Looking forward to Xander’s first!



Jay, Liduan and Baby Thea

Its amazing how much difference 3 weeks make. We documented Liduan’s maternity only 3 weeks before Baby Thea’s new born shoot. What a beautiful family! 

01JL_M_1056-s02JL_M_1224-s03JL_M_1064-s04JL_M_1074-s05Baby Thea_1003-s106Baby Thea_1112-s07Baby Thea_1028-s08Baby Thea_1049-s09Baby Thea_1072-s

Baby Bethelyn

Congratulations to Benjamin and Rae on the arrival of Baby Bethelyn! =)

01Baby B_1033-s102 B0203Baby B_1001-s04Baby B_1075-s05Baby B_1193-s

Shaun, Julia and Alaina

Such a happy session photographing this beautiful family! =)

Looking forward to Baby’s arrival!


Baby Alessandra is One!

Japheth and Regine are a super blessed couple. They always have the best light during their shoots and we have photographed them 4 times!!

Baby Alessandra is beautiful and generous with her smiles! She is really blessed too! Check out the multi generation family trying to make her laugh!

Another reason why we love what we do!


Baby Freya

Despite waking up at 4am on the day of shoot and the slight drizzle we had during the shoot, Baby Freya stood up to the challenge. Just check out her smiles! Smiling all the way till she touched the cake, haha!

Its really a joy for us documenting the lives of our couples, even after they get married! Totally why we love our job!

01Baby Freya_119102Baby Freya_104303Baby Freya_109804Baby Freya_106805Baby Freya_127806Baby Freya_128107Baby Freya_130008Baby Freya_132009Baby Freya_133210Baby Freya_1343

Baby Sushi

Announcing the birth of Satoshi and Shijie’s baby sushi! Little Masayoshi was just 8 days old when we did this shoot.


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