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Daren, Hann Yee and their Corgis

We totally love shooting humans and their furkids, listening to their funny stories on their hilarious characters, watching them laugh and bond together and of course, the added bonus of being able to pet them! =)

Did this short session with Daren, Hann Yee and their corgis. Check out the handsome corgis and the beautiful couple of course!



Sam & Pecan!

We first shot Zim and Keying 6 years ago at their wedding. 6 years on, they are now a happy family with 2 beautiful dogs, Sam and Pecan! It was a crazily fun shoot!

If you find Sam familiar, he is the famous starhub dog. Brought back from New York where they spent a few years at. Pecan is adopted cos it just looks too much like Sam!

Wei Meng & Shu Yan

2 lawyers who met while at work.

We photographed Wei Meng & Shuyan at where they first met. It was interesting listening to them tell us about how they met at work.

We also had a chance to photograph Shuyan’s pet doggy, Cookie, a standard poodle, who got lots of stares during our shoot! Cookie was very well behaved and people who saw the pictures later thought Cookie was a large soft toy!

Here are some images from our session with them. Enjoy! :)

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The dogs of Paris

During Nicholas & Denise’s shoot in Paris at the Louvre Musuem, we met this friendly guy that was walking his three dogs around the premises.

While congratulating the couple, the man did a shocking movement. Scroll on to find out!

– Terry

Happy Birthday Junior Boy!
April 17, 2011, 3:19 pm
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Happy 1st Birthday, Junior boy! 

One year ago, on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we met a teddy brown goldendoodle in a farm in Seletar.
We were greeted by brothers, of a different colour.

He was the chosen one.
We picked him up, put him in the back of our magic schoolbus and headed to the pet shop to give our not so little buddy a good scrub and wash.

5 washes and 7 de-ticking sessions later in one shot, a white giant rat greeted us. That was Junior, returned to his original colour, skin and bones and ready for oneeyeclick lovin’

Junior smeagol-ed his way through Linden Drive, earning stares for being a giant rat and also for running around like a mad rat unleashed. Our Junior was and is still, afraid of anything and everything. The leash never got him moving! Haha.

For a dog that took two hours to climb a single step even with the size of lamb, Junior was such a sight! Resident entertainer he is.
He slowly gained confidence, ate a little more, put on a few pounds and grew a huge amount of hair! His first grooming session was hilarious. Everytime he goes for a makeup session, he turns into someone new. The giant rat slowly became the royal prince of oneeyeclick and gained himself 4 royal servants – us

One year on, Junior is still afraid of most things. Strangers, sounds, our window blinds and water bottles. Actually anything. Stare at him long enough and jump. He’d just go hide under a table. But that’s a great improvement from his old ways already!

No longer smeagol-ing his way around, no longer dozing off while sitting up at the vet’s, no longer walking around unleashed.
He’s braver, bigger, hairier and also so extremely cute!

Happy birthday to you Junior!
We love you! :)

Pray For Japan
April 3, 2011, 4:34 pm
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