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Wedding of Reuben & Chuen
July 19, 2017, 12:08 pm
Filed under: by Ginosko, Singapore, Solemnisation, Wedding Day

Reuben is a guy with many interests. When we were chatting with him prior to his wedding, we were amazed with the many talents and interests he has. Chu’en is the perfect partner as she allows him all his hobbies and wants.

A lovely day spent capturing this amazing couple with many tender moments.01RnC_WD_1203-s102RnC_WD_1033-s03RnC_WD_1030-s04RnC_WD_1074-s05RnC_WD_1045-s06RnC_WD_1069-s07RnC_WD_3013-s08RnC_WD_1083-s09_0110RnC_WD_1120-s11RnC_WD_1123-s12RnC_WD_1332-s13RnC_WD_1341-s14RnC_WD_1347-s15RnC_WD_1364-s16RnC_WD_1377-s17RnC_WD_3045-s18RnC_WD_1157-s19RnC_WD_3047-s120RnC_WD_1167-s21RnC_WD_1176-s22RnC_WD_1191-s23RnC_WD_1192-s24RnC_WD_2608-s25RnC_WD_2636-s26RnC_WD_2654-s27RnC_WD_2675-s28RnC_WD_2676-s29RnC_WD_2686-s30RnC_WD_2693-s31RnC_WD_2698-s32RnC_WD_2702-s33RnC_WD_1238-s34RnC_WD_1270-s35RnC_WD_1313-s36RnC_WD_1441-s37RnC_WD_1495-s38RnC_WD_1529-s39RnC_WD_1657-s40RnC_WD_1687-s141RnC_WD_1693-s42RnC_WD_1773-s43RnC_WD_1752-s44RnC_WD_1771-s145RnC_WD_1774-s146RnC_WD_1788-s47RnC_WD_2016-s48RnC_WD_2035-s49RnC_WD_2060-s50RnC_WD_2081-s51RnC_WD_2042-s52RnC_WD_3228-s53RnC_WD_2094-s1


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