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Jay & Maddy
August 1, 2013, 1:00 pm
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It was difficult for anyone to contain their tears at Jay n Maddy‘s wedding.

I guess people have been waiting long for this day to come, including Jay and Maddy themselves, their family, their friends, their colleagues, and probably even their doggy children – Sadie n Sebastian!

Everything began at Conrad Centennial.

The groom had a room to prepare in, the bride and her ladies had a suite to prepare in.
I think there was a total of 3 makeup artists and 3 hairstylists in the suite when I last counted. It was such a sight!

Maddy also had her wedding dress handcrafted by the couple’s matchmaker/Godpapa/mentor and his students overnight. Yes, the bride does get more of the attention during a wedding :)

All was fine and dandy till Jay finally met his bride (while singing a sappy mandarin song!)
And he just couldn’t contain his tears – neither could Maddy, or anyone else present in the room! Then came another teary moment when the couple said their vows. And finally during the speech, although Jay said he would not cry, but I think we spotted a little tear rolling down :)

You could literally feel the joy and love during the whole wedding. The free flow of hugs, the laughter, the pure bliss that the couple was basking in. Jay and Maddy are such comfortable people to be around and to shoot.

Here’s an excerpt from what went on that happy day :)


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