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Samuel & Adeline

Happy New Year everyone! :)
We hope you guys had an awesome celebration over the December holidays!

We thought we should start our first post in 2011 with a bridal that really represents what we do – creating pictures that tell your story :)

Samuel & Adeline are people with super wicked dress sense – we like! :)
The whole shoot was really based on how they met, and how they spent their years leading to their wedding.

Sam & Ade met in Psychology class and were classmates who challenged and competed with each other intellectually.
He liked her, but she was oblivious to everything.

2 years on, their friendship deepened with Sam in Australia for studies. Ade took the plunge to join him in Melbourne with nothing but an adventure ahead. Life for them was spontaneous and carefree – they got a red Mitsubishi Magna for $1200, worked in raspberry and garlic farms, camped outdoors and was even left with just 51¢ at one point.

Grocery shopping for them was all about maximising resources and being extra calculative at that point :)

Here are some selects from their bridal session, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do :)
And have a fantastic 2011 ahead!


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