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Joel & Ewlee

We had a wonderful weekend with Joel & Ewlee, covering their wedding day in Bali, Indonesia.

Joel & Ewlee are both based in Australia and found us on the WWW. In March this year, we received an email from the lovely couple and it all began from there :) Prior to their big day, Terry had only met Joel once in Melbourne when he was there for a shoot.

The wedding day was held under good weather.
Joel & Ewlee got ready in separate rooms in preparation for their first look at each other (it’s always exciting for us co-ordinating them at this point!) And when they met, it was a really tender moment.

The ceremony itself was an emotional affair for friends and family who were present. Many of the 40 odd attendees teared upon hearing their vows for each other.

We had a little time for some formal shots in between with the couple and also their bridal party and it was a blast :)

A pre-dinner cocktail was set up at a gazebo and the couple had thoughtfully arranged for an awesome local band to perform. Everyone had fun dancing while the sun set and took pictures with the props that Joel and Ewlee prepared.

Joel & Ewlee made a grand second entrance with sparklers along the aisle and also sparklers held by their friends and family. It was good fun :) The couple had their first dance under the stars, accompanied by the amazing band. Cliche, but indeed – love was in the air

The dinner reception was a simple but sweet one. The bridal party gave really meaningful speeches, one of which we really agreed on was how Joel is really an Apple extremist. The welcome message for Joel & Ewlee for the dinner was displayed on 10 iPhones, the mobile slideshow, speeches and even vows were displayed on an iPad, they held their solemnisation in Australia on 20.10.2010, the same day Apple had the “Back to the Mac” event. And Joel’s groomsmen highlighted the point that when Joel read his vows, he was instantly – iJoel.

The party carried on till 11ish that night and we were surprised at how chirpy and wide awake the couple was when we met them at 5am the next morning for a shoot around the island! We powerwalk-ed and caught an amazing sunrise, got a little muddy/ lost a pair of slippers at the second location, and tasted kopi luwak at a coffee joint. It was so fun – the session and the couple! And we really thank God for the weather over the two days! It rained just after we wrapped up!

To Joel & Ewlee : Thank you both for the wonderful time, amazing smiles and the trust in us! Blessed marriage, and enjoy the well deserved break in Tibet! :)

And ladies and gentlemen, this is Joel & Ewlee’s feet VS Terry’s feet from the second location onwards.
We lost a pair of slippers to the slimy mud at the second location!


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What fabulous photos. I relieved this glorious special day again. Every day since the wedding I have looked at my photos but now……….i have these beautiful photos that capture the essence of Ewlee and Joel’s love. Thanks

Comment by Rosetta Monaco

Hi Rosetta! Thank you for the kind words :)
We’re glad you enjoy this series, as much as we do!

Comment by oneeyeclick

Hello Terry and Yi Ting!
Thanks for the lovely blog post. It is so nice to hear you guys write about the day with such fun and enthusiasm. Thank you for bringing out the true sense of who we are in our photos. You are guys are awesome.

Comment by Ewlee

Hello Ewlee!

Trust that the honeymoon was good!
Thank you for the kind words :)

The wedding was so fun we are still thinking about it :) Thank you guys too for having us around and being awesome yourselves!

Comment by oneeyeclick

Dear Ewlee and Joel

Wow is wonderfull pictures,Trust you had wonderfull honeymoon trip to Tibet.
We thanking you for choose our Villa to accomodate all of your guests.
Warmest regards from me and all the staff of Temple Hill Residence Villa.

Comment by anna

Hi Terry & Yi Ting
Excellent & beautiful pictures!


Dear Ewlee & Joel
You guys are a such a sweet and cute couple together. May HE bless you all with the LOVE of a lifetime.

Comment by eko

Hi Eko!

Thank you for the kind words :)

Comment by oneeyeclick

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