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Robin, Melissa, Faith & Maxi
June 25, 2010, 11:45 am
Filed under: by Ginosko, by Terry, Pets, Portraits (Baby), Portraits (Family), Singapore

Many of you might be wondering where exactly did we get Junior from and how did we know of him.

Our neighbour on Linden Drive, Robin & Melissa, were the ones who let us know about Junior initially. Terry & Ginosko love dogs, and always wanted to get one. Over a casual chat one day, Robin & Melissa got hold of news that a Goldendoodle was up for adoptions after being abandoned, and that’s how we got to know Junior :)

Robin & Melissa are true dog enthusiasts, really passionate about dogs. Their pet Maxi was also adopted.

When we first got Junior, they were the ones who helped us with every little question we had about Junior. They showed us how to make Junior more comfortable in this new place and helped teach him that we’re not here to harm him. They were like our FAQ boards :)

Together with their adorable daughter Faith, and (Junior’s brother from another mother) Maxi, all of them have been really great help to us in housing Junior. And Faith is the only person who can convince Junior to come out of his hiding place when everyone else can’t :)

Over the past weekend, we were finally able to photograph their lovely family of four – Robin, Melissa, Faith & Maxi :)


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