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Junior Updates! :)
June 16, 2010, 4:19 pm
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It’s our 2nd month with Junior now, and we’re truly happy we got him! :)

This boy’s been a super great companion!
He eats with us, plays with us, sleeps with us.

And he isn’t losing out! Haha, he’s got four maids to serve him everyday!
Each one of us cleans a paw after he comes back from his royal patrol around Linden Drive two/three times daily.

To celebrate and welcome him into our family, we bought a cake from nearby Lana to officially welcome the One Eye Click pooch!

“Smells yummy! Okay, must sit and stay – then I get the treat!”

“Yes! Getting near getting near! I can almost taste it!”

Fortunately (or unfortunately for him), it’s a chocolate cake so it’s see no touch for him!

“I want cake cake…” with his signature innocent eyes and wiggly nose

Sometimes, it’s amazing when we think back the state he was in when he came in on day 1. We’re thankful he got out from the horrible state fast. He’s chubbier, healthier and we can see that he’s much happier.

A happy doggie than OD-s on treats everyday!
We spoil him too much, sometimes :)

Junior’s been good, except for some stubborn times where he takes too long to answer the few commands that we still are trying to teach him. So far he’s been able to heed to “Sit” “Stand” “Go” “Come” “Bang Bang” “Down”. Quite an achievement! We’re proud of him :)

He’s also friendlier now, to human friends and their canine children!
He’s now a friend to Momoko, Poochi, Scottie and of course our neighbour’s Maxi! They’re like brothers! :)

And he’s beginning to guard us a little. By barking! Thankfully he did, if not we thought he couldn’t speak!
And good thing he does that when people knock since our doorbell hasn’t been working well :P

We hope Junior loves us as much as we do! :)


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so cute! he’s so obedient. i would have gobbled up the cake if i were him…hahaha…

Comment by adel

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