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Our new friend – Junior :)
April 21, 2010, 12:46 pm
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Hello everyone!

We apologise for the recent lack of updates because we’ve been busy getting our new friend – Junior, familiarise himself with everything! :)
We brought him home to Linden Drive on a rainy Saturday afternoon (17 Apr 2010)

It’s currently Day 5 with Junior now and he’s improving really well! Terry had to carry him everywhere on the first day – across the little drain, up the magic schoolbus, everywhere! He’s that reluctant to move. When he did move, it was in Sméagol mode (my precious…)

Junior is slowly getting used to the environment, his name (!) and us :)
We wanted to name him Buddy because he is everyone’s buddy! And then another suggestion was Canon! On day 2 we finally decided to name him Junior – and he seems to like it!

We’ve had a few milestones so far with Junior – his first leap across the drain, his first pee-pee and poo-poo at the front lawn, his first sip of water and his first tail wag! We’ve also discovered that he’s a really vain dog! He loves looking at his reflection (or maybe he’s wondering why his coat is so short at the moment) and he gets really interested when Ginosko whistles!

He’s really timid though. He gets shocked by everything! The light switches, the window blinds, and even a sneeze! The next time you drop by at our studio on Linden Drive, please do not be alarmed, because Junior’s sure to be more afraid than anyone else! :)

He does this when he hears a new sound

Checking out the albums!

Peeping at Maxi, our neighbour’s golden retriever

Checking himself out at the mirror

“Ooh, short coat”

See you at Linden! :)


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Hey its a cute dog!! …. try feeding junior enough so that he can look like bulldog hahaa… yh says keep the dog healthy. give him organic veg only.

Comment by Guang

beware. i may steal junior. =D

Comment by adel

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