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Ivan & Qiuyi

 Pre-wedding session with Ivan & Qiuyi :)

“Around Singapore in 800 minutes”
This bridal shoot took us around the island! :P

Ivan and Josephine are avid divers, and for part of this shoot, they specially bought new matching gears and outfits! They caught quite a lot of stares in their gear trotting about on the beach, cos the rest of the crowd there were all in their bathing suits! 

Another part was the adorable Vespa bike that Ivan loaned for this shoot, he also bought an aviator hat and goggles from the US specially for this shoot! Really awesome props! :)

Oh yes, props! This couple’s meticulous, they really got down to details and brought in quite a lot of their shared collections – the amount they brought along for the whole shoot didn’t seem to be able to fit their Swift’s boot! :P

One thing to mention about was the weather on the day of the shoot, it was pouring almost the whole day! The toughest part was actually during the Vespa shot, when it suddenly rained while we were taking the riding shots. We had to protect the couple’s outfit and makeup and also our gear so it was quite a scene :P

Luckily (or not) the rain was on and off so we still managed to get the shot! :) 


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